Multi-Vehicle Mission Control System (M2CS)

First application to integrate mission planning and control in real time 

The multi-vehicle mission control system (M2CS) is the first application to integrate mission planning and control in real time. It simultaneously optimizes assignment, scheduling, and low-observable autorouting for heterogeneous teams of manned and unmanned vehicles.

By augmenting decision-making, M2CS allows operators to focus on their missions instead of managing lower-level route and payload instructions for their vehicles. The system optimizes mission effectiveness according to operator instructions regarding specific priorities, mission intents, and constraints on time, space, sequence, and autonomy.

M2CS supports a wide range of communication topologies, from centralized, ground-based control to fully decentralized control of onboard vehicle avionics. It simultaneously executes broad missions and concepts of operations, including penetrating and persistent intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance; and electronic attack, strike, and lethal suppression of enemy air defenses. M2CS optimizes all weapon system resources (vehicle and constellation) while providing multispectrum survivability in advanced integrated air defense systems.

M2CS provides the control functions in BAE Systems’ Mission Effectiveness Augmentation System.