Mission Effectiveness Augmentation System® Software

Mission effectiveness augmentation system (MEAS) software is a feedback control paradigm that helps pilots and mission planners enhance mission effectiveness in very lethal and highly dynamic environments.

The system solves the problem of real-time, automated mission management from dynamic battle space changes through the use of integrated assignment, scheduling, and routing of distributed heterogeneous resources, including vehicles, sensors, effectors, and communications.

MEAS software continuously optimizes vehicle routes, sensors, effectors, and communications for one vehicle or a large constellation of vehicles by performing estimation and control. This system has been designed to operate on vehicles or ground stations, from centralized to fully decentralized implementations.

It differs from other mission planning tools, such as the joint mission planning system and the common low observable autorouter, and battle management tools in combined air operations centers, such as theater battle management core systems. MEAS software is a mission management, outer loop feedback-control system analogous to flight control systems in today’s military and commercial aircraft.