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Flight control systems

Our advanced flight control systems have guided the world’s leading commercial aircraft for more than 40 years, and our developing autonomous controls are leading the way into the future of avionics.
We’ve been improving flight controls for 40+ years, with an installed base of 15,000 aircraft. Our fly-by-wire controls – the first in commercial aircraft – continue to make flight more agile, secure, and affordable. And our advances in autonomous controls and electric aircraft will further transform aviation.

Every second of the day, an aircraft somewhere in the world takes off enabled by flight-critical systems designed, produced, and supported by BAE Systems. Our advanced, fly-by-wire (FBW) control systems are the operational heart of those aircraft, including our primary flight control computers (FCC), our active inceptor systems (AIS) and active control sticks (ACS), our slat & flap electronic control units (SFECU) and spoiler control electronics (SCE), our actuator control electronics (ACE), and our remote electronics units (REU). Whatever the nature of your aviation mission – manned or autonomous – no one delivers more advanced, high performance flight control solutions for your aircraft than BAE Systems.

See a more detailed list of our flight controls portfolio for commercial aircraft below, as well as key features and capabilities of our integrated flight control system elements. Contact our commercial aircraft solutions electronic systems director of business development today to learn more.

A comprehensive portfolio of flight controls for fixed-wing and rotary commercial aircraft:
  • Primary flight controls, including fly-by-wire systems
  • Secondary / slat & flap (high lift) flight controls and monitoring
  • Actuator control electronics
  • Remote electronics units
  • Rudder and yaw control
  • Stabilizer control and monitoring
  • Spoiler control electronics and monitoring
  • Active inceptor systems (AIS)
  • Digital FBW control systems
  • Optionally-manned / autonomous flight control systems
  • Autopilot controls
  • Ground collision avoidance systems
  • Rate and acceleration sensors
  • Vehicle management systems / computers
  • Prognostics and health management
Our flight controls expertise extends to:
  • Commercial aircraft: Boeing 737, 747, 767, 777, 747-8; Embraer Legacy 450/500
  • Military aircraft: F-35, F-15, F-18, JAS-39, LCA, T-50, CH-47
  • Aircraft in development: Boeing 777X, Bombardier CSeries, Gulfstream G500/600, Mitsubishi MRJ, Bell 525, and Embraer KC-390
We’re the world leader in active and passive inceptor systems:
  • Commercial aircraft: Gulfstream G500/G600
  • Military aircraft: F-35, Typhoon, F-16, KC-390, CH-47, and CH-53
Learn more. Take a look at our Controls & Avionics Solutions interactive at the right, or contact our flight controls director of business development today to learn more.

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