Tactical Systems is a world leader in Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) products for airborne, ground, and surface systems. With more than 70 years of IFF experience, we have delivered over 14,000 transponders, more than 1,500 interrogators, and more than 6,000 combined interrogator /transponder systems. Our advanced IFF products enable warfighters to identify friendly forces and make informed decisions in time-critical situations.
Our Optical ISR sensors are cutting edge and provide high resolution day and night imaging over extraordinarily wide areas. Configurations are flexible for both manned and unmanned platforms.
We provide highly capable, open architecture computing systems for military environments, for both airborne and ground based platforms. Our expertise spans across ruggedized OSA computing systems, design of mission crew workstations, displays and consoles, and modular applications for smaller platforms such as ground vehicles.
  • Our solutions are founded on a software-defined open architecture
  • Our technology hosts applications across the industry and address dynamic mission needs
  • We incorporate cyber resiliency and protection
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