The Future of
Combat Air

A national endeavour


In 2018, we stood beside the RAF at the Farnborough Airshow as it celebrated its 100th birthday. Together, we reflected on our shared history and achievements.
We also looked forward to the next 100 years. As we stood shoulder-to-shoulder with the RAF at Farnborough, we revealed our shared vision for a future in which the UK will maintain its place at the forefront of the global combat air sector for the next 100 years, making a pivotal contribution to European and global security. Two years later, at the Farnborough Connect (FIA Connect) event, the Defence Secretary revealed just how much progress we have already made. These pages provide news and information about how we are making this bold vision a reality, including the creation of Team Tempest and the development and delivery of future Tempest technology.
Image of Tempest at the ASK facility

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