Several of these companies are our own Saudi ‘Kingdom Partner Companies’ that continue to contribute to the growth of the Saudi defence industry: BAE Systems Saudi Development & Training (SDT), International Systems Engineering (ISE), and Saudi Maintenance & Supply Chain Management Company (SMSCMC).
Through these partner companies we share our knowledge, skills and best practice and position them for success as the heart of the Saudi defence industry, as well as being equipped to succeed beyond the defence sector. These businesses are delivery partners for our defence contracts, however two of these also undertake a range of non-defence, non-Government to Government work.
As the Saudi defence industry continues to evolve, we are also working with Saudi Arabian Military Industries (SAMI) to explore how we can collaborate to deliver further In-Kingdom Industrial Participation, in line with Saudi’s National Transformation Plan and Vision 2030.

Our Kingdom Partner Companies

BAE Systems Saudi Development & Training

BAE Systems Saudi Development & Training (SDT) was established in 1994 as part of the Saudi Economic Offset Program.
Delivering a range of internationally-recognised accredited qualifications, we are rapidly expanding our portfolio of training and development services to deliver unique solutions that offer long-term benefits to the Kingdom's industries and people.
BAE Systems SDT is investing in state-of-the-art facilities that are designed to help businesses develop the professionally, technically and vocationally qualified people they needs to drive success in the future.
High quality training and development is critical for job creation, career success, business growth, industrial development and the country's economy as a whole. BAE Systems SDT’s mission is to support the Kingdom's vision for success. The Company is working to make that vision a reality by working with Saudi people and organisations to ensure they are trained, capable and ready to take on the challenges of the future and succeed.

International Systems Engineering (ISE)

ISE is trusted to deliver secure mission-critical solutions, services and cutting-edge technologies demanded by organisations within the Defence, Aerospace, National Security and Critical National Infrastructure sectors in line with all the international and local export control and data management regulations.
ISE works with its individual clients in long term relationships to tailor a selection of IT Products and Services to meet their needs; delivering end to end services as well as major improvement programmes and projects that enable the effective management and control of their sensitive and critical data in their ultimate mission.
International Systems Engineering was established in 1988 as part of the Saudi Economic Offset Program and continues to support the National Vision in providing high skilled roles across Kingdom to its predominantly Saudi workforce (more than 75%). ISE manages and integrates Local Companies (more 90% by value) in its supply chain and counts most of the major IT companies as its Strategic Partners.
ISE’s success is due to its knowledgeable, highly qualified and skilled IT staff who have rigorously trained over many years to understand, meet and effectively respond to the present and future requirements of its clients.

Saudi Maintenance and Supply Chain Management Company (SMSCMC)

SMSCMC was established in 2006 with the goals to:
  • Deliver indigenous specialist Saudi National capability & employment;
  • Act as the dedicated Delivery Partner for defense organisations, providing supply chain capability for the region across all relevant platforms and locations;
  • Enable our Customers and Partners to focus on their core goals and reduce supply chain operating costs
In an increasingly complex and unpredictable world, customers want confidence in their supply chains - clients depend on Saudi Maintenance and Supply Chain Management Company (SMSCMC) to design solutions that meet their diverse business goals. A Saudi Arabian registered company, co-owned with local shareholders, SMSCMC combines rich local experience with world-class heritage and partnerships to continually develop and transfer critical capabilities, skills and jobs into a dedicated Saudi defence supply chain as well as across the GCC. 
SMSCMC currently provides complete supply chain management solutions in support of several
major platforms, including those in Saudi Arabia under the UK-KSA government-to-government contacts.