Three F-15 fighter aircraft in flight

This Engineering and Manufacturing Development contract from Boeing is follow-on to the previously announced EPAWSS award and signals significant maturation with the Technology Maturation and Risk Reduction phase of the program.

“Recognizing the importance of providing this enhanced EW technology to our warfighters, our team responded during the first phase of the program by not only meeting all set program milestones, but in some cases exceeding expectations by several weeks,” said Brian Walters, vice president and general manager of Electronic Combat Solutions at BAE Systems.

The goal of the EPAWSS program is to update the Air Force’s fleet of F-15 fighter aircraft with advanced EW technology in order to maximize mission effectiveness and survivability against current and emerging threats. Our new, all-digital EW system will provide advanced threat detection to help maintain the F-15’s air dominance, which is essential as this platform is scheduled to remain in active service for decades to come.

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