BAE Systems Roadshow

BAE Systems Schools Education Roadshow
The BAE Systems Roadshow will be bringing science to life on the Techno Zone stage through this year’s Air Tattoo.

Our show will look at the science of ‘waves’ – looking at three key forms, sound, light and water – with practical demonstrations to show how the physics and engineering behind waves is used by aircraft and naval engineers.

We have teamed up with the Royal Air Force and the Royal Navy for this year’s Roadshow to show young people exactly how science is used by the engineers behind the aircraft which will star in the skies this week.

Air Commodore Chris Elliott, Director of Ground Training for the RAF, said: "The Royal Air Force's theme for 2016 is innovation, inspiration and youth.

“Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics are at the heart of this and are central to the Royal Air Force's role as a Service operating with cutting edge technology.  

“This enterprise with BAE Systems and the Royal Navy allows us to demonstrate this and inspire the next generation.”
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BAE Systems in the Techno Zone

One of our STEM based education games
Ever wondered what allows a Typhoon to do all its amazing turns or how an F-35 can land vertically on the deck of an aircraft carrier?

If you come along to see the team from BAE Systems at this year’s Air Tattoo you can discover what our engineers do to make it all happen.

We’ll show you how our engineers test all the aircraft we build in a wind tunnel which hits them with wind speeds up to 2,750mph or more than three times the speed of sound, and let you have a go on our eye-tracker which uses the same technology used in a fast jet pilot’s helmet.

Then there is our 3D printer which will be making parts just like the ones we use to build parts in our fast jet factories as well as games which tests if you have the skills required to design a fighter jet.
One amazing piece of kit which you cannot miss is our bone conductor. It uses a transducer about the size of a five pence coin which sits on the side of your head and can send sounds clearly to your inner ear using the bone of your skull.

We are developing this technology to make sure soldiers can hear information given to them in noisy environments.
Our team from RIAT 2015
Our trailer in the Techno Zone will be manned by our people, including apprentices and graduates, who will show you how all this amazing kit works and let you in on some of the secrets of what makes our aircraft fly.

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