The Radford Army Ammunition Plant (RFAAP) is in the commissioning phase of a new nitrocellulose facility. The commissioning phase will extend through the majority of 2021, and then the product qualification phase will begin. 

“Delivering readiness is critical to our mission, it’s what we get up for every day,” said Brian Gathright, vice president and general manager of OSI. “By producing this new modernized facility, we have a means to be precise, safer and more environmentally friendly.” 

After product qualification is complete, RFAAP will have a fully modernized and state-of-the-art nitrocellulose facility that will provide unprecedented capacity and quality, and levels of automation that remove the human element from the process.

The new nitrocellulose facility will also bring a level of environmental protection that no other nitrocellulose facility offers at this time with a self-contained capability to reprocess and reutilize the waste stream.

“We have a new facility that’s cleaner, safer and more efficient. It produces what we need to produce,” notes Mike Bocek, general manager of RFAAP. “It’s key that we first protect our workforce, that will allow us to show our community and the world that the U.S. Army has the right facility.”
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