BAE Systems sets out to achieve customer satisfaction and trust by meeting its commitments and regulatory requirements and by continually improving the effectiveness of our Quality Management Systems. We are committed to providing customers with quality products. We accomplish this through personal accountability for quality, teamwork with our suppliers as well as adherence to the highest ethical and quality standards.

This website has been updated and includes important and relevant information to conduct business with the Combat Mission Systems business. Our objective is to provide our suppliers with online access to BAE Systems Procurement, Transportation and Quality documents. We also include Supplier Bulletins with various quality, technical and operational process updates, program news and other BAE Systems information necessary to ensure delivery of quality products and services to BAE Systems.

Please contact the buyer, subcontract administrator or procurement agent for documentation specifically related to your purchase order or subcontract.


This page contains the Procurement Requirements, as referenced on BAE Systems Subcontracts and purchase Orders, reproducible forms and other related documents. Please review the page layouts and click on the content you wish to view. We appreciate your comments and any suggestions by way of the e-mail feature. Please visit the site at any time to see what’s happening and to retrieve new information that will be posted.

Terms and Conditions
Please click this link to access BAE Systems U.S Terms & Conditions as well as the "Interim/Additional Terms and Conditions." The applicable Ts & Cs are incorporated by reference in your Subcontract or Purchase Order effective 26 February 2014. Clicking on this link will open a new internet explorer session. Be sure to close both sessions when you are finished.
Additional Provisions
Release Date Document
02/18/2021 Effective on purchase orders placed on or after 02/18/2021
06/10/2020 Effective on purchase orders placed on or after 06/10/2020
04/13/2015 Effective on purchase orders placed on or after 04/13/2015
02/26/2014 Effective on purchase orders placed on or after 02/26/2014
Special Terms and Conditions
Release Date Document
05/11/2020 Block V Supplemental Terms and Conditions  (Minneapolis)
06/08/2022 Domestic Buys Only = MK110 N00024-20-C-5300  (Minneapolis)
06/08/2022 Domestic Buys Only = MK38 N00174-22-C-0005  (Minneapolis)
06/08/2022 Columbia BSS N00167-22-R-0015  (Minneapolis)
Release Date Document
11/02/2020 Vendor Information Request (VIR) Quality Notification
Supplier Training
Release Date Document
10/20/2019 ASN ERS Supplier Manual
08/31/2021 ERS Supplier Manual
02/2015 ASN ERS Master Supplier Training
03/05/2015 ASN ERS Introductory Session 1  (Video)
03/15/2015 ASN Process Session 2.1  (Video)
03/15/2015 ASN Process Session 2.2  (Video)
03/15/2015 ASN Change PTN Label Session 3.0  (Video)
03/15/2015 ASN Building a Shipment Session 4.0   (Video)
03/05/2015 ASN Cancel ASN Session 5.0  (Video)
03/05/2015 ASN Troubleshooting Guide Session 6.0  (Video)


Below you will find all relevant information required to ship your product correctly, including the Shipping and Routing Guide, Premium Freight Request Form and Operating Schedule Calendars. We also have a Carrier Service Failure Form which we ask you to complete whenever there is a carrier issue and forward to us at This record helps us identify carrier issues so we can find solutions for improved performance. It is important to check this section often as the information does change.

When BAE Systems is responsible for shipping: for small parcel, LTL (less-than-truckload), full truck, and heavy weight air, see most current version of the Shipping and Routing Terms & Instructions. These terms and instructions take precedence over all previous routing instructions contained on BAE Systems subcontracts or purchase orders. If there are any questions, please reach out to the transportation department at

Please know the Work Schedule for the destination to which you are shipping as some BAE Systems facilities are not operating on Fridays. We have provided calendars in the chart below.

Following the required shipping information will allow for on-time deliveries, reliable service and avoid customer charge backs. Please contact us with any questions.

Transportation Documents
Release Date Document



This page provides links to the supplier quality requirements, as referenced on BAE Systems orders, and the associated forms and information which supports those requirements.

Quality Notifications
Release Date Document
12/16/2021 Component Quantity Errors
12/14/2021 2022 Supplier Weld Procedure Training Schedule
11/24/2021 Vendor Information Request (VIR) Quality Notification
01/01/2022 Supplier Quality Supplier Communication 2022 Meeting Calendar
09/02/2021 CDR007A Welding Combat Vehicles Inspection Criteria/Document Submittal Requirements
08/24/2021 Cable-Harness Shipping Requirements
06/07/2021 First Piece Inspection and Documentation Submittal Requirements Notification
03/23/2021 Production Part Approval Process
03/15/2021 Material Reduction Aluminum Armor Plate Blemish Guidance
03/29/2021 New Paint Color Exception Notification
05/28/2020 Sealed Shrink Component Requirements
03/04/2020 Sticker Placement Supplier Quality Notification
06/26/2019 Material Reduction Supplier Quality Notification
02/04/2021 CDR 085 First Article Inspection Guidelines
10/02/2013 CARC Paint
10/26/2018 Supplier Weld Requirement Notification on Specific Contract Flow-down (Phoenix)
CURRENT Supplier Quality Assurance Manual (SQAM)/
Contract Deliverable Requirements (CDR)
Release Date Document
02/28/2022 SQAM, Rev 13
02/28/2022 SQAM, Rev 13 (Summary of Changes)
02/28/2022 CDR, Rev 16
02/28/2022 CDR, Rev 16 (Summary of Changes)
PREVIOUS Supplier Quality Assurance Manual (SQAM)
Release Date Document
04/05/2021 SQAM, Rev 12
04/05/2021 SQAM, Rev 12 (Summary of Changes)
11/09/2020 SQAM, Rev 11
11/09/2020 SQAM, Rev 11 (Summary of Changes)
03/16/2020 SQAM, Rev 10
03/16/2020 SQAM, Rev 10 (Summary of Changes)
05/01/2019 SQAM, Rev 09
05/01/2019 SQAM, Rev 09 (Summary of Changes)
07/16/2018 SQAM, Rev 08
07/16/2018 SQAM, Rev 08 (Summary of Changes)
02/26/2018 SQAM, Rev 07
02/26/2018 SQAM, Rev 07 (Summary of Changes)
11/28/2016 SQAM, Rev 06
11/28/2016 SQAM, Rev 06 (Summary of Changes)
10/26/2015 SQAM, Rev 05
10/26/2015 SQAM, Rev 05 (Summary of Changes)
05/15/2015 SQAM, Rev 04
04/13/2015 SQAM, Rev 03
04/13/2015 SQAM, Rev 03 (Summary of Changes)
01/14/2014 SQAM, Rev 02
09/03/2013 SQAM, Rev 01
PREVIOUS Contract Deliverable Requirements (CDR)
Release Date Document
05/10/2021 CDR, Rev 15
05/10/2021 CDR, Rev 15 (Summary of Changes)
03/16/2020 CDR, Rev 14
03/16/2020 CDR, Rev 14 (Summary of Changes)
05/01/2019 CDR, Rev 13
05/01/2019 CDR, Rev 13 (Summary of Changes)
07/16/2018 CDR, Rev 12
07/16/2018 CDR, Rev 12 (Summary of Changes)
02/26/2018 CDR, Rev 11
02/26/2018 CDR, Rev 11 (Summary of Changes)
03/06/2018 CDR, Rev 10
03/06/2018 CDR, Rev 10 (Summary of Changes)
11/28/2016 CDR, Rev 09
11/28/2016 CDR, Rev 09 (Summary of Changes)
05/09/2016 CDR, Rev 08
05/09/2016 CDR, Rev 07 & 08 (Summary of Changes)
01/14/2016 CDR, Rev 07
01/11/2016 CDR, Rev 06
01/11/2016 CDR, Rev 06 (Summary of Changes)
10/26/2015 CDR, Rev 05
10/26/2015 CDR, Rev 05 (Summary of Changes)
04/13/2015 CDR, Rev 04
01/15/2014 CDR, Rev 03
09/20/2013 CDR, Rev 02
09/03/2013 CDR, Rev 01
Supplier Quality Requirements (SQR)/
Procurement Quality Requirements (PQR)
Release Date Document
05/01/2012 SQR Rev 04 Amendment B
08/26/2011 SQR Rev 04 Amendment A
05/27/2011 SQR Rev 04 (Revised 05-01-2011)
11/01/2010 PQR Rev 03 Amendment B
Release Date Document
10/22/2012 CARC Panel Submission Form  (Anniston)
05/05/2022 Source Inspection Request / CDR Paperwork Submission Form
05/23/2016 First Piece-First Article Checklist - Work Instructions
01/14/2016 Procedure Qualification for Thermal Cutting of Steel Armor
12/10/2012 Production Part Approval Process Submission Form
Approved Painter List
Release Date Document
05/31/2022 Approved Painter List
07/20/2017 Phoenix Nadcap ASL – Chemical Processing, Heat Treating, Non-Destructive Testing (CDR030A)  (Phoenix)
York and Anniston: Please contact your Authorized Procurement Representative to receive the following Weld Document:
Doc ID Document
UDLP-A5.10 Specification for Bare Aluminum and Aluminum Alloy Welding Electrodes and Rods (Optional)
Welding Supplier Forms

Please contact your Authorized Procurement Representative to request BAE Systems Weld Procedures / Audit Approved Supplier list.

Weld Documents
Release Date Document
02/02/2022 WE-005 Supplier Weld Procedure Process
04/30/2003 Ground Combat Vehicle Code-Aluminum (12472301)
04/30/2003 Ground Combat Vehicle Code-Steel (12479550)
Weld Forms
Release Date Document
02/08/2019 Certificate of Conformance Certified Weld Inspection
01/31/2022 Weld Procedure Submission Form CDR007
05/2008 Weld Procedure Request Form CDR008
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