AC/MC-130J radio frequency countermeasure (RFCM) system

AFSOC C-130J Radio Frequency... BAE Systems expands the operational envelope for U.S. Air Force Special Operations Command’s AC/MC-130J with its radio frequency countermeasure system -- allowing the aircraft to detect and defeat surface and airborne threats in signal-dense and highly-contested environments.
C-130J aircraft
The AC/MC-130J RFCM system provides the U.S. Air Force AC/MC-130J fleet with advanced electronic warfare technology

BAE Systems has a long-standing history of bringing innovation to the world’s skies, making significant contributions to the evolution of aviation throughout its history. With more than 60 years of experience, the company has emerged as the world leader in electronic warfare, flying systems on more than a dozen platforms around the world.

BAE Systems builds on this robust history with its AC/MC-130J Radio Frequency Countermeasure (RFCM) electronic warfare system for the U.S. Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC) C-130J aircraft fleet. A fully integrated suite, the system adds radio frequency countermeasures capability to the MC-130J Commando II and AC-130J Ghostrider aircraft to help detect, identify, locate, deny, degrade, disrupt, and defeat threats in the battlespace and beyond a pilot’s line of sight.

The system supports the varied and critical Special Operation Forces missions including armed over-watch, helicopter refueling, close air support, and interdiction in the most sensitive and hostile territories. BAE Systems expands the operational envelope for the C-130J with its RFCM system, allowing it to detect and defeat both surface and airborne threats in signal-dense and highly contested environments.

The RFCM system is a platform-level solution with fully integrated situational awareness, precision geo-location, and radio frequency countermeasure capabilities. Equipped to meet the demands of SOCOM infiltration and exfiltration missions, the system penetrates modern integrated air defense systems, providing the fleet with rapid response capabilities to protect the aircrew.

The system provides the C-130J with advanced aircraft protection and situational awareness for the battlespace of today and tomorrow. It also continues BAE Systems’ effort to provide the air fleets of U.S. and allied nations with the most advanced aviation electronic warfare capabilities on the market. 

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