Everything runs on data. All effective decisions rely on a sound understanding of the situation. But when volumes of data are increasing rapidly and the risk of cyber-attack has never been greater, what’s the solution?

BAE Systems works with governments and commercial organisations to integrate, analyse and secure data systems. We’ve integrated several police databases to create a single system to track vehicle movements in real-time across the UK - the first of its kind in the world - as well as providing the data management system for ships throughout the Royal Navy to reduce maintenance costs and increase uptime.
We’re helping banks to spot human trafficking by analysing financial transactions for specific behaviour patterns, and for many years have provided secure battlefield data networks that integrate communications for Land, Sea and Air domains. What sets us apart is our understanding of data security and our customer’s need for total reliability. If you want a data solution that’s tailored for defence and security, get in touch. The examples below highlight some of our data credentials.

Through life support

Exploiting logistics data

Helping the UK Army make significant savings
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Support Information Knowledge Management

Creating knowledge for the analyst
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Tytan, the Typhoon Total Availability eNterprise agreement
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Data driven factory of the future

Our smart factory vision using automation and data
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Information Advantage

Sceptre digital combat training

A critical aid to improved command and control, influence and success in the battlefield arena
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Synthetic training

Ensuring our pilots are fundamentally better prepared for the situations they will face in real-world flying
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Real time intelligence

Transforming nationwide automatic number plate recognition (ANPR)
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Ground-breaking technology trial

Detecting human trafficking by analysing financial data
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Multi-domain intelligence for tactical intelligence

Predicting when and where threats will strike with a high degree of probability is now possible and achievable
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Richard Brown, Head of Technology Communications, Head Office