Recruiting talent

Maintaining a diverse pipeline of talent and critical skills is key to fulfilling our future customer requirements. In 2021, we sustained our focus on delivering the skills for tomorrow, harnessing them across the business to develop a breadth and depth of knowledge.
In the UK, our award-winning early career and skills programmes have supported around 3,500 young people in training in 2021:
  • 851 new apprentices started in 2021 and 939 are forecast for 2022;
  • 522 graduates and undergraduates started in 2021 and 751 are forecast for 2022; and
  • around 120 young people in the UK government’s Movement to Work and Kickstart programmes, and around 100 are forecast for 2022.
In Australia, 93 apprentices and 104 graduates are in training (2020/2021 cohorts), and in Saudi Arabia, 113 trainees, students and graduates joined our early years careers programmes during 2021.
More broadly, we are investing in the capability of our line manager population, equipping them with the right skills and tools to be inspirational leaders of the future. Around 800 UK managers have participated in our inaugural line manager programme and we successfully piloted new programmes from supervisor to mid-level managers, delivered virtually but with a strong emphasis on engagement, including peer learning and coaching.
We have also developed a stronger talent management framework that governs the Group’s high-potential talent programme, succession planning and career management process. This year we expanded this, ensuring a pipeline of talent is created across all levels of the organisation and provides the skills for the future. New Talent Dashboards are providing insights on succession plan risks, pipeline diversity and our high potential talent, enabling decisions on priority actions required.
Our global Emerging Leaders and Advanced Leaders programmes have been launched virtually, both in response to the pandemic and in support of our inclusivity goals. By shifting our learning portfolio online, we have been able to expand access to executive coaching, as well as our core programme.
We also launched a new UK digital learning platform – the first phase in our global implementation ambitions. This provides on-demand access to more than 27,000 courses, including world-class LinkedIn learning opportunities, strategic and functional skill development and online academies.
In the US, we continue to sponsor championship events with FIRST® Robotics, engaging young people in exciting, mentor‑based programmes that build STEM skills, inspire innovation and develop communication and leadership skills.