The IT Acceptable Use policy (AUP) is aligned with each employee’s personal responsibility to apply the Company’s ethical principles, as defined in the Company’s Code of Conduct, to everything they do and to protect information in their possession.
The policy applies to all of the Company’s employees as well as to other authorised users of the Company’s IT systems and equipment.
It includes, amongst other things, requirements related to:-
  • The protection of the Company’s IT systems and equipment, and the information held on it;
  • Activities that have the potential to cause offence, or which expose individuals or the Company to potential legal action;
  • Situations in which limited personal use of Company IT may be permitted;
  • The consumption of IT system or network resources; and
  • The use of electronic messaging, social networks and the internet. 
It also requires  employees who access or use third parties’ IT assets to adhere not only to all aspects of the policy when using the third party’s IT assets, but also to the equivalent IT AUP of the third party.



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Lobbying and political activity

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Managing Nuclear Materials

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Safety Maturity Matrix

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Supplier Due Diligence

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