Policy summaries

Gifts and hospitality
The policy applies to BAE Systems plc, its wholly owned subsidiaries and their respective employees. All other companies and entities controlled by BAE Systems plc have a substantially equivalent policy applicable to their respective employees.
It is sometimes customary and appropriate, particularly in connection with product demonstrations or promotional events, to give and receive reasonable and proportionate gifts and / or hospitality.
However, if the giving or receiving of gifts or hospitality is in any way for the purposes of obtaining an inappropriate advantage or benefit, then this may amount to a bribe which is prohibited under this and other BAE Systems policies and by law.
Bribery is a criminal offence. BAE Systems prohibits employees from offering, giving, or receiving bribes or personal inducements, or requesting others to do so on their behalf, for any purpose. Employees must not offer, give or receive gifts and/or hospitality in circumstances where it may be unlawful and/or in contravention of the BAE Systems Gifts and Hospitality Policy to do so.
The Gifts & Hospitality Policy outlines that any gifts or hospitality offered, given or received shall: 
  • Be in good faith, occasional, appropriate and reasonable, and comply with any applicable laws; 
  • Be for reasons related to the business of BAE Systems and the specific individuals involved; 
  • Be within the financial limits set out in the Policy and never be lavish or extravagant; 
  • In respect of Government or state controlled customers, comply with their rules and regulations;
  • Never be in cash (or cash equivalents such as vouchers or credit notes); and
  • Never be connected in any way to the obtaining of an inappropriate advantage or benefit.
The Gifts and Hospitality Policy sets out financial limits and approval levels for gifts and hospitality. It also outlines that both gifts and hospitality need to be recorded in a business’ local register.