Policy summaries

Fraud Prevention
The policy applies to BAE Systems plc, its wholly owned subsidiaries and their respective employees. All other companies and entities controlled by BAE Systems plc have a substantially equivalent policy applicable to their respective employees.
BAE Systems regards any act of fraud as extremely serious and operates appropriate measures to prevent fraud and to identify and investigate any suspected instances which might occur.

A preventative, detection, response and disciplinary process is in place to defend the company from financial and non-financial risks of fraud, whilst also providing a consistent and fair approach to fraud investigation across BAE Systems to ensure that employees’ rights are respected.

Employees are encouraged to report suspected cases of fraud to their line manager, ethics contact or legal team. All suspected cases are reported to the Business Chief Counsel and Head of Audit for review. If there is sufficient evidence that a fraud may have been committed a Fraud Investigation Board is convened and an internal investigation is undertaken. Investigation findings and recommendations may consider whether changes are required to policies and/or procedures, including training, to prevent further similar occurrences. Investigations may result in disciplinary action.