Our Conflicts of Interest policy concerns situations where competing interests, for example, interests (including financial), relationships, influences or activities, may conflict and impair the ability of employees to make objective and unbiased business decisions. BAE Systems recognises that a Conflict of Interest may have a damaging impact on an employee’s integrity and the interests of the Company and seeks to actively manages such situations.
The policy requires that all employees shall ensure that personal interests do not compromise, nor appear to compromise, the employees’ obligations or duties to the Company or the ability to make objective and responsible decisions on behalf of the Company.
Employees should avoid any actual Conflict of Interest and either avoid or, with the company’s approval, mitigate effectively perceived or potential conflicts of interest.
Employees are required to promptly notify their manager if an actual, perceived or potential Conflict of Interest exists or arises. Conflicts of Interest shall be discussed openly, in a straightforward manner, and resolved as soon as practically possibly. Remedial steps are required to be put in place to address conflicts of interest.
All Conflicts of Interest are reported to the Business Chief Counsel and recorded in writing in a register and are also recorded in the employee’s personnel file.



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