Policy summaries

Community Investment
The policy applies to BAE Systems plc, its wholly owned subsidiaries and their respective employees. All other companies and entities controlled by BAE Systems plc have a substantially equivalent policy applicable to their respective employees.
Our Community Investment activities are underpinned by a group-wide policy.
The Company supports, sponsors and contributes to the activities of charitable/not-for-profit, or other organisations, where the activities are aligned with our principles of responsible business conduct, are in support of the global Community Investment Strategy, and where a measurable impact to the community can be demonstrated. Community Investment activities are reported to the Executive Committee and the Board via the Global Community Investment Committee and our Group Communications Director.
Our policy mandates the minimum standards applied to our Community Investment activities:
  • Employee fundraising - any activity organised and approved by the business unit where employees take part in, and raise funds for, a Charitable Organisation.
  • Employee volunteering – any activity organised and approved by the business unit Community Investment Representative where employees volunteer time (within the approved volunteer guidelines) which directly aims to benefit a Charitable Organisation.
  • Charitable donations - any financial or in-kind contribution given to a Charitable Organisation for which no tangible benefit is received.
  • Charitable Sponsorships – any financial or in-kind contribution given to a Charitable Organisation for which a tangible benefit is received. 
  • Non-charitable Sponsorships – an organisation that has not been categorized as a not-for-profit by the Charity Commission, the Internal Revenue Service or comparable tax organisation.
Prior to a Charitable Sponsorship or Charitable Donation being made, the charity is vetted through a recognised external organisation appropriate to the regional location of the Business to ensure that the funding is used for charitable purposes. Community investment is not paid to third party fundraisers or directly to individuals.
All Community Investment activities are tested against the general principle that it does not, and does not appear to, place actual or potential customers, suppliers or government officials under any obligations.
Annual budgets for community investment activities are agreed by line leaders across the business. Activities are reported via a global online tracking tool.
Employees responsible for managing community investment have access to procedures and good practice guidance via a Global Community Investment Supporting Manual.