Solving the challenge of climate change requires all of us to act together, with urgency. One of the focus areas of our sustainability agenda is to play our part in addressing the significant and lasting impact of climate change. As a defence and security company, technology is at the core of our business and we must leverage this while progressing our ambition of net zero greenhouse gas emissions. Our goal is to develop and implement a long-term strategy that reduces the impact of our activities, supply chain and products on the environment.
We are progressing our net zero ambition and are developing milestones in line with the UN Race to Zero via the Business Ambition for 1.5°C pathway. Part of our strategy is to reduce our energy consumption, purchase renewable energy and develop on-site renewable electricity supplies where practicable. As well as innovating for a net zero future for ourselves, we are also working with governments and commercial customers to design sustainable solutions to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and assist them with their transition towards net zero. We also intend to work with our supply chain to reduce emissions.
We know that innovation is key to delivering a sustainable future and managing the challenges posed by climate change. We have a responsibility to use our expertise to pioneer new ways to tackle the very real threats of climate change, learn from others, collaborate and share best practice to achieve this common goal. We are already using technology to transform our operations. It is important for us as a defence company, to understand the challenges that climate change will bring so that we continue to design systems fit for operation in these future environments.
We are also managing our other environmental impacts too, supporting responsible consumption and managing environmental impacts across our operations. We recognise that all of our operations have an impact on the environment, from the energy and resources we use, to the products we manufacture and the waste we generate. We continue to look for ways to reduce energy use, water consumption and waste, emissions and other discharges, as well as to reduce the impacts of our products and supply chain. 
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