Vehicle upgrade

We fully recognise that there is a growing need to upgrade combat vehicles to reflect changes in threats and in the operating environment – and new vehicles do not always meet the need.
We are able to deliver real capability improvements by integrating new technologies on to vehicles, such as active and passive protection systems, sensors and weapon systems and – currently in development – laser weapons. We are also addressing autonomy in vehicles, taking a major step in delivering the next generation of combat power.
We have been down-selected to provide options to upgrade Challenger 2 as part of the British Army’s Life Extension Project. This demonstrates our knowledge of combat vehicles and our expertise in bringing together the world’s leading suppliers with the latest proven technologies to deliver the optimum balance of firepower, protection and mobility. We will be installing a modern, high performance, adaptable weapon control system, best performance thermal imaging and an Open Architecture to help integrate future upgrades. We will also offer the UK MOD survivability and lethality options.
We have proven capability to upgrade vehicles – both through Urgent Operational Upgrades in the field and full capability upgrades in our Telford facility. During Iraq and Afghanistan, we completed many wide-ranging Urgent Operational Requirements to meet the British Army’s needs, including significant performance improvements to the British Army’s Warrior, Challenger 2 and Bulldog vehicles, as well as a complete upgrade to the CVR(T) vehicle. This embedded expertise provides the foundation for meeting our Customers’ needs.
Our combat vehicle capabilities