BAE Systems’ scientific CMOS sensors utilize a patented architecture to realize world-class, low-noise performance while maintaining high native dynamic range. This is accomplished while simultaneously pushing the limits of resolution and frame rate.

These sCMOS sensors feature:

  • Extremely low read noise to preserve small signal levels
  • High efficiency of light collection and conversion
  • Large intra-scene dynamic range
  • High-speed operation to capture dynamic events

Our sCMOS sensors allow our customers to collect images under lower light conditions and at higher speeds than are possible with standard technology. Other demanding camera applications that have benefited from our sCMOS technology include professional video, surveillance, and industrial inspection.

Applications and advantages

  • Life Sciences – The high sensitivity of our sensors applied to sequencing systems is aiding scientists in the study of complex genetic challenges. We’re helping provide a window into the biological world to help develop a deeper understanding of health, disease, and food supply.
  • Professional Video – Our sensors are fueling the digital revolution in professional broadcast and feature-film cameras. We’re providing demanding professionals the required image quality and more by advancing cameras from HD(2k) to Ultra HD(8k) resolution — beyond 15 stops of dynamic range — and to higher frame rates.
  • Digital Photography – Larger-format sensors can fill the void and provide the professional-class image quality that a smart phone can’t. BAE Systems imaging sensors with optical formats of APS, 4/3” and larger, and high QE naturally capture more photons of light; this, coupled with extreme low noise provides the performance that exacting professional photographers demand.
  • Scientific – Our breakthrough sCMOS sensors continue to be the pre-eminent sensors used for scientific instruments. The high fidelity of sCMOS provides high resolution and low noise at high frame rate without compromising full well capacity to achieve high dynamic range.
  • Medical/Dental – Our intraoral and extraoral x-ray sensors are improving dental hygiene worldwide. Dental and medical applications can leverage our knowledge in sensors, fiber optics, scintillators, custom packaging and high-volume manufacturing of FDA approved products.
  • Aerospace/Defense – Our night vision and thermal sensing capabilities give the advantage to those defending our liberty. While discoveries from both space-based exploration and ground-based astronomy benefit from high-sensitivity low-noise sensors.
  • Machine Vision – Sorting out defective products via assembly line inspection, industrial inspection systems benefit from our high dynamic range combined with high resolution and high frame rate.
  • Security/Surveillance – Security and surveillance systems must operate from bright daylight to lower light levels. Our sCMOS sensor technology addresses this problem by providing extremely high sensitivity to light in the visible and near infra-red regions of the spectrum, together with very low sensor noise.
Showcasing ultra low-light sCMOS image sensors
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