BAE Systems is continuing to invest in innovative autonomy programmes, working closely with the UK Royal Navy, the UK Ministry of Defence and industrial partners L3Harris to further develop our autonomous boats capabilities.
A series of trials of the technology have been conducted in collaboration with the Royal Navy’s new autonomy and lethality accelerator programme, Navy X, and we have demonstrated how an unmanned rigid inflatable boat can be fully integrated with an operational Royal Navy warship to extend its reach beyond the horizon and reduce sailors’ exposure to danger.
The demonstrations highlight the collaborative effort of industry working alongside Ministry of Defence partners in supporting the future of the Royal Navy. The technology has potential applications across a range of missions, including anti-piracy operations, border control, intelligence gathering, maritime security and force protection. We have worked to successfully operate remotely weapon systems and surveillance systems, giving the autonomous boat significant capability.
Our teams are working with this technology to advance the application of autonomy to a wide range of applications from security patrol, harbour patrols to autonomous launch and recovery of other smaller craft.  These applications all potentially benefit from increased endurance and persistence offered by the removal of the man in the loop.
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With decades of experience developing and integrating autonomous capabilities, we help customers anticipate and meet their challenges.
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