Terrier Combat Engineer Vehicle
Terrier is a unique platform that combines leading combat vehicle strength with the ability to perform a huge variety of engineering tasks on the battlefield.  Agile, adaptable and robust, it can carry out a multitude of roles in the most demanding conditions.
Representing a step change in vehicle design, Terrier demonstrates a new generation of multifunctional combat engineer vehicles, delivering uncompromising performance from a medium weight chassis.

A drive-by-wire armoured fighting vehicle, its combination of functions meet the breadth of manoeuvre support activities required of a combat engineer.
Terrier with mine plough
Terrier with mine plough
Its capabilities range from providing mobility assistance for supported units to delivering counter-mobility, survivability and general engineering tasks.

Terrier is a compact, 32 tonne armoured platform with exceptional mobility. It provides speed of up to 70 km/h alongside outstanding  off road performance, wading capability and air transportability in A400m.