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NetReveal® Sanctions and PEP Screening

Sanctions and PEP Screening solutions, manage, identify and screen high risk individuals and entities against internal and external watch lists.
The NetReveal Sanctions and PEP Screening solution helps financial institutions identify sanctioned or high-risk entities on watch lists or Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) lists with fewer false positive alerts.
Financial institutions must screen existing and potential new customers and involved parties against multiple internal, external, domestic and international sanctions lists and PEP lists for matching persons, legal entities, countries or PEPs.
Sanctions and PEP screening is notoriously prone to high false positive alerts due to the number of lists, spellings, multiple aliases, and different global character sets. Institutions struggle to effectively process the sheer volume of alerts to ensure investigators correctly identify a person or company on a sanctions or PEP list.
To compound this challenge, new entries are added to sanctions lists seemingly daily, meaning people or entities on these lists change fast. Financial institutions must ensure they are constantly screening against the latest entries and have the right rules in place to cover the regulatory requirements.


Our approach

The NetReveal Sanctions and PEP Screening solution helps financial institutions comply with internal, domestic and international watch list enforcement regulations by identifying high-risk and sanctioned individuals and entities. The solution enables institutions to rapidly screen, detect and track beneficial owners and their linkages in real-time – all while delivering accurate and productive alerts.

NetReveal Sanctions and PEP Screening provides:

  • Worldwide coverage – sanctioned entities, PEPs, individuals, and beneficial owners are screened against 350+ global watch lists 
  • Concatenated free text matching – increases strength of detection by alerting on sanctioned entities or persons that have intentionally included too many or removed spaces to avoid detection by screening systems 
  • Entity-based investigations – improves investigator efficiency on average by 20-30%. Investigators are presented with a single combined alert related to a customer or entity in one user interface, rather than individual alerts for each triggered activity
  • Supervisor-controlled queuing and routing – provides a 10% average productivity gain by prioritising alerts by urgency 

Analyst RecognitionBAE Systems named a “Category Leader” in Chartis Financial Crime Risk Management Systems: AML and Watch List Monitoring 2019 Vendor Landscape report.

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