ISR Analytics

RISR platform

a 3 screen laptop computer
Ingest, analyze, create, and disseminate data from a single device
The ruggedized intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (RISR) platform provides an integrated situational awareness intelligence image, utilizing customer-specified applications, local shared storage, and enterprise access to support real-time decision making. BAE Systems maintains the mission-defined software baseline and makes recommendations for new applications based on customer needs. The system integrates a variety of data feeds including tactical signals intelligence and full-motion video, configured with commercial and government off-the-shelf applications to support specific mission needs. Additionally, every RISR has the ability to rapidly deploy in harsh environments and integrate with existing organic sensors, data feeds, and systems to disseminate intelligence back to the enterprise.
Our incremental approach to capability development and delivery ensures the customer’s needs are met and they are not paying for features they do not need and should not have to learn and maintain. 

Key features and benefits

  • Out-of-the-box operation eliminates tedious install and set-up procedures
  • Ingestion, processing, exploitation, and dissemination of real-time data ensure essential mission information is received
  • Access to a knowledge base of current software solutions enables tactical problem solving
  • Operational display provides detailed picture of the battlespace
  • Scalable pricing, easy-to-use interface, and variable form-factor enables applicability to a wide variety of missions 

An experienced partner

A heavy duty military laptop and a windows tablet next to each other
BAE Systems leverages proven command, control, computing, communication, and ISR systems experience to help transition a wide variety of customers from proprietary components and applications to mature, commercial-off-the-shelf hardware and software. 

ISR Analytics

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