Printed electronic circuit assemblies

Printed electronic circuit assemblies
Our facility features state-of-the-art proven automated processes, producing advanced, complex printed electronic circuit assemblies designed and manufactured to cope with harsh environments in a broad range of applications across multiple sectors and industries.
Our people’s expertise allows us to take a flexible and agile approach to meeting your requirements. We respond quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively to satisfy individual customer needs and provide high levels of quality and customer service.
Using the latest cutting-edge manufacturing methodologies in the production of printed electronic circuit assemblies and modules allows us to offer our customers a world-class manufacturing capability including digital, analogue, microwave and RF products, vapour phase, selective soldering, encapsulation, convection reflow, exotic board substrates and conformal coating.
We are a trusted, innovative and bold partner to our customers and excel in the manufacture of prototype, through to high volume, high complexity surface mount, lead through hole and mixed technology assemblies and modules on a wide variety of board substrates.
In addition to this we also offer automatic placement component verification, wash facilities, optical inspection and x-ray inspection, as well as repairs and upgrades to suit your needs.
Our integrated test capability means we can design and support test solutions from concept through to the end of product life cycle. This includes the design and manufacture of special to type Automated Test Equipment (ATE), software programming and fixture interfacing for digital/analogue midata and PXI ATE’s, boundary scan technology, MDA (Takaya Roving Probe) programming and interfaces, wiring harness and backplane testing, ESS vibration, thermal cycling and thermal shock, and reliability and qualification testing.
From product concept to production, our customers benefit from the added value we offer through design for manufacture and design for test. We have found that this has had a significantly positive impact on acquisition cost, through-life cost and lead time on customer projects.

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