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Q-Warrior® Helmet-mounted Display

Q-Warrior® - combat situation...

Q-Warrior see through display
Addressing the unique needs of troops on the ground, the revolutionary Q-Warrior helmet-mounted display (HMD) delivers life saving combat situational awareness and capabilities, day and night. The full color, lightweight display clips easily to existing in-service helmets for increased capability on the battlefield at a low cost.

Designed by the world leader in helmet-mounted displays, Q-Warrior provides critical head-up, eyes-out situational awareness to the dismounted soldier, improving mission success with low fatigue to the wearer.


Military operations require special capabilities, such as the identification of hostile, non-hostile, and friendly forces, and the coordination of small unit actions. With the Q-Warrior HMD, waypoints, points of interest, and targets are all displayed, overlaid on the real world, reducing workload. Sensor feeds allow the user to see imagery from unmanned vehicles and other surveillance sensors.

Q-Warrior Benefits
  • High visibility of battlefield situation
  • Red forces shared in 3D space
  • Blue force tracking
  • Seamless day/night transition
  • Lower power demand and battery operation

View the infographic below for more details. Click to enlarge.