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Printed Electronic Circuit (PEC) Rework Service

Printed Electronic Circuit (PEC) Rework Service
PEC modification and repair cell. The facility maintains all the equipment necessary to provide concise modifications and repairs to a variety of board types. All skilled technicians working on PEC modifications maintain workmanship standards to IPC-7711/7721.

Key Performance Features:

  • Typical repair capability including; Pad/track repair (outer), Track repair (inner layer), PCB material repair, Removing/adding all through-hole and surface mount components including BGA’s, connectors and Re-balling BGA’s
  • Extensive range of PCB materials
  • Typical PEC size from 10mm x 10mm to 538mm x 250mm, up to 22 layers
  • IR Rework stations, Ersascope Inspection & XYZ axis PEC milling capability