NetReveal® Payments Fraud

Payments Fraud
NetReveal Payments Fraud identifies and blocks payment fraud faster and smarter using the latest behavioural profiling, anomaly detection and machine learning techniques.
The payments industry is experiencing significant transformation and uncertainty driven by regulation, digitilisation, faster payments and evermore fickle customers.

Open banking initiatives such as the Payment Services Directive (PSD2) in Europe, Australia’s New Payments Platform (NPP) and The US Clearing House’s Real Time Payments (RTP) regulations are changing the way consumers manage their finances. It is likely that many of these will follow the example of PSD2 and be enforced through regulation. At the same time, market demands such as the move towards instant and irrevocable payment mechanisms have decreased settlement times and blurred the distinction between domestic and international payments.

Meeting fraud threshold targets is critical for banks that want unfettered access to new opportunities whilst keeping their services closed to criminals.


The volume, speed and sophistication of online attacks are growing, and core payment infrastructures are exposed to greater threats. The combination of banking malware, social engineering attacks, and organised criminal fraud rings are being used to attack retail and corporate accounts alike. Detecting fraud accurately and efficiently, while providing transparency to regulators, is a necessity in the current environment.

Cross-channel Payments Fraud

NetReveal Payments Fraud deploys a proven combination of predictive analytics and machine learning techniques to uncover suspicious behaviour. Drawing data from throughout the retail and corporate payments ecosystems, it assesses both monetary and non-monetary information for each transaction. NetReveal provides broad coverage for cross-channel payments, automates interdiction to block fraudulent payments, and enables banks, payment service providers and other financial institutions to quickly and precisely adjust fraud detection yields to align with both business and regulatory needs. 

Check and Deposit Fraud

NetReveal Check and Deposit Fraud provides a comprehensive, pre-packaged approach, supplying an institution with the critical capabilities needed to manage suspicious and/or potentially fraudulent deposit activity.

Card Fraud

NetReveal Card Fraud provides issuing and acquiring solutions for real-time detection and prevention of card fraud. The end-to-end process is thus managed, from detection to investigation to resolution, within a single financial crime platform.

NetReveal Payments Fraud provides financial institutions with:

  • Smarter alert generation – constant monitoring of pre-defined thresholds and rapid adjustment of pre-set rules and predictive models. Reduces investigation time and expense by automating transaction interdiction, incident assignment, event visualisation and reporting
  • Faster fraud detection with AI – a proven combination of predictive analytics and machine learning helps uncover suspicious behaviour within the payment request. Provides monitoring and interdiction directly at the payment engine, payment channel, or payment hub across individual or multiple channels simultaneously
  • User behaviour monitoring across all channels – connect suspicious activities and follow account holders as they navigate and execute payments across traditional and digital services
  • Open banking enablement – configurable Standard Exclusion, Transaction Risk Analysis (TRA) and Transaction Monitoring (TM) ruleset coupled with NetReveal Customer Authentication Decision Services enables risk based decisions for Strong Customer Authentication (SCA). Fraud Rates dashboard reporting in line with PSD2 Regulatory Technical Standards (RTS)

BAE Systems also offers a Managed Analytics Service for rapid refinement of fraud detection scenarios. Our data scientists can be called upon to augment in-house teams or provide expert guidance on combatting the latest evolving financial crime scenarios.

Analyst RecognitionNamed a ‘RiskTech Quadrant Category Leader' for enterprise fraud technology solutions, in the Financial Crime Risk Management Systems: Enterprise Fraud, Market Update 2018

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