Electric and hybrid solutions

Using a single electric machine to make work vehicles more efficiently

Parallel hybrid propulsion system

Heavy-duty trucks used in trash collection, construction, local deliveries, etc. – as well as motor coach buses – use our parallel hybrid electric system to operate more quietly and cleanly.
Our parallel hybrid propulsion system is ideal for optimizing performance, control, and efficiency in coach buses and Class 7 & 8 trucks for trash collection, construction, and local deliveries. All to achieve results that matter – lower fuel consumption and costs, reduced emissions, and quieter operations.

With its high power, high torque design, our parallel hybrid electric propulsion system was designed specifically to support the rugged demands of your heavy duty work vehicles and provide superior drivability – all in a safe, lightweight, adaptable package. For hybrid motor coach and hybrid work truck solutions, no one gives your fleet a more competitive edge than BAE Systems.

Using both simplified and performance-proven components and controls, our parallel hybrid system is based on integrating a single electric machine into the engine and transmission – all easily installed with minimal impact to a vehicle. It even makes it easy to customize your vehicles' capabilities to maximize their productivity. Propulsion is enhanced through an optimized blending of power from a conventional combustion engine and from the electrical power source. Our hybrid electric truck system's energy management and control capabilities ensure all energy flow — such as propulsion and braking energy recuperation — occurs in the most efficient fashion, resulting in lower fuel consumption.

Our parallel hybrid propulsion system is ideal for operations needing zero emissions on the last mile. Motor coaches or other vehicles may operate on hybrid power as they travel from city to city, and drive with zero emissions as they approach their destination.

Key benefits of our parallel hybrid propulsion system include:

  • Significant fuel and brake savings while reducing harmful emissions
  • Lower cost and weight alternative to other hybrid technologies
  • Reduced noise pollution levels in consumer areas of operation
  • Complements both diesel and CNG engines equally well
  • Reduced engine wear, reducing maintenance costs while extending duty cycles
  • Onboard power plant provides a path to future electrification of the vehicle body
  • Zero emission travel, drive the last mile to your destination without any emissions

The BAE Systems advantage

In areas of electric propulsion, hybrid propulsion, and parallel hybrid propulsion, BAE Systems gives you three significant advantages – 25+ years of experience in the field, a customer-centric approach that helps you implement new builds and plan their service life, and unmatched service capabilities worldwide. With over 170 patents in electric and hybrid technology, our engineers are dedicated to advancing solutions that give fleet operators a technological edge that elevates their business. And we do that every day, around the globe.

Premier systems integration & flexible service

BAE Systems provides our customers with the most comprehensive power and propulsion systems integration and support in the industry. While others often just ship parts out to be installed, we send our OEM partners a certified Application Engineer with our cutting edge power systems to assure a smooth integration from day one, including on-site technical advice and thorough training. Then we back that work with our Flexible Service Plan – customized to fit the customer's business model – including a coordinated technology management program to eliminate obsolescence.

Learn more. Download our parallel hybrid propulsion brochure and data sheets from our Parallel hybrid propulsion system page. Or contact our electric and hybrid solutions director of business development today to arrange a meeting.

Electric and hybrid solutions

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