Innovative new boat technologies

Staying Ahead 2 With decades of experience developing and integrating autonomous capabilities, we help customers anticipate and meet their challenges.
Unmanned Pacific 24
At BAE Systems we continuously invest in and develop the latest boat technologies, integrating the newest innovations such as autonomy, composite materials, stealth, ballistic protection and electronics into our designs.
These technologies enhance the capabilities of our boats portfolio, satisfying the most advanced military and professional user requirements to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Our purpose-built manufacturing facility, skills and expertise allows for the construction of complex composite assemblies, as well as the integration of a wide variety of systems. It enables us to provide a complete boat design, manufacture, integration, and support capability to the customer.

Our track record of innovation, investment and expertise, has resulted in our range of boats being in service around the world because it fulfills the needs of the most demanding military, commercial and rescue roles.

With significant, continuous and on-going investment in the development of innovative boat technologies, we continue to push the boundaries of operational capabilities.

We understand our customers’ future requirements, so some of our most experienced specialists, together with bright young apprentices and graduates, are collaborating to develop the very latest technologies, enhancing maritime capability and providing operational advantage where it counts.

Like our autonomous Pacific 24 rigid inflatable boat, procured under the Royal Navy’s autonomy and lethality accelerator programme, Navy X, which aims to deliver new technology into the hands of sailors and marines at pace.

The development is designed to significantly enhance the Royal Navy’s ability to protect its sailors at reach, as the upgraded sea boat is able to execute its own missions without crew and be run from a warship.