Tempest and the
Future of Combat Air

International Influence

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Effective international partnering will play a fundamental role in defining and meeting the goals set out in the Combat Air Strategy and our vision for Tempest.

Successful partnering

For over 100 years the UK combat air sector has worked with the Royal Air Force to deliver world leading military capability. Our long experience has made the UK a partner of choice for other nations when looking to enhance their own capability.
This status of the UK is reflected in the number of nations that have approached the UK to partner on the Tempest programme; nations who see the UK as a leader in combat air, but also a nation that has a long and successful track record of delivering positive international partnerships.
The Combat Air Strategy recognised that a model based on international partnership provides the best opportunity to deliver future military requirements and our broader national objectives. By taking this approach, the UK and our partners will work together to define a system that is able to join multiple Combat Air capabilities to meet common objectives.
We continue to have exploratory conversations with potential international partners to identify where there are shared goals as we develop a capable, flexible and upgradeable combat air system - delivered to time and budget.
Our approach to international partnering goes beyond capability acquisition; it’s critical to our operational effectiveness and our ability to build interoperability with our key operational partners.
Our bilateral studies with Sweden and Italy have defined our common objectives, as highlighted in announcements in 2019 with both nations. This work has now progressed into trilateral industrial framework as we significantly deepen our international partnerships. Collectively we are assessing how we can start to realise the huge potential for collaboration across our three nations.
It sends a strong signal of continued confidence in our combat air strategy and the industry capability which supports it and demonstrates how we can we are inspiring new ways of doing things; thinking differently and moving at a pace we’ve not seen before.
We are building on our experience of some of the most successful collaborations in defence before us.




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