Information Advantage

To stay ahead of adversaries, we ensure our customers have the capabilities to deliver information quickly, securely and accurately.
In the past we have become familiar with the need for air superiority in a conflict but today's battlespace also requires information superiority - the need to be ahead of the enemy in decision-making.
We anticipate the future combat air battlespace will be increasingly complex with rapidly advancing technology in areas such as sensing, data management and autonomy.
This is at the heart of ensuring we train informed pilots, capable of making decisions based on the required level of accurate, reliable information, fit for purpose to conduct the mission.

Case Study - Sceptre

Sceptre is our answer to the challenge of delivering information superiority to our customers and is a crucial part of our offer.
Acting as portal for huge amounts of information, Sceptre simplifies the information that pilots and mission planners require in order to manage complex operations, enabling them to make rapid and accurate decisions.
Having an 'open architecture' means that Sceptre can be tailored around a specific customer requirement with future fleet mixes likely to involve multiple aircraft types.
Using the latest 3D visualisation tools to take into account terrain, airspace, weather and aircraft performance and configuration, Sceptre allows even the most complex missions to be coordinated quickly and acts flexibly enough to handle short notice change whilst mission rehearsals are underway.
Sceptre also plays a key role in mission debriefing, merging the real and synthetic world views by exploiting all aircraft recording media into an integrated replay format.

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