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Helmet-Mounted Displays

Q-Sight Helmet-Mounted Displays
BAE Systems' helmet-mounted displays include the Striker helmet and the Q-Sight™ family of helmet-mounted display products.

BAE Systems is the world leader in helmet-mounted display technologies and technological innovation. The Company has a long heritage of firsts in the world of airborne displays — the first head-up display (HUD) introduced in 1960; the first primary flight reference display in the 1980s; and the first holographic HUD, providing wide-field-of-view displays, in the 1980s. BAE Systems’ R&D investment and innovations in technology have resulted in two significant offerings for the helmet market: the Striker, and the Q-Sight™ helmets.


Developed for the Eurofighter Typhoon, the Striker helmet is the world’s first binocular helmet-mounted display for a fixed-wing aircraft. The Striker product provides a helmet solution that integrates night vision and full crew head protection.

The Q-Sight™ helmet uses quantum wave guide technology to directly couple the output of an LCD projector to a combining lens, eliminating the need for intermediate lenses.  The benefits include improved flight safety as well as reduced neck strain and seamless transition between day and night for pilots.