Hawk Support

An RAF Hawk soaring over the UK
With experience gained from a global fleet of nearly 1,000 aircraft sold or ordered, 18 customers and more than 3.5m flying hours, BAE Systems Hawk Support Service offers a broad and flexible range of support services to suit the needs of customers across the world.

Our in-service support capabilities throughout the life of the aircraft are aimed at delivering cost savings, providing a high level of aircraft availability and optimising the support system year after year to reduce through-life costs.

Our portfolio of support capabilities includes integrated support and services, through life capability support and three levels of availability support, all tailored to meet the needs of customers.

And underpinning those capabilities are a range of five key support services that can be tailored to meet a customer’s support requirements, including equipment services, technical services, maintenance management services, modification and upgrade and rapid response.

Customers we support include:

Hawk on the runway at our Warton site
Hawk on the runway at our Warton site


BAE Systems supports both the Royal Air Force's Hawk TMk1 and TMk2 fleets of aircraft to ensure operational readiness.

Our contract for Hawk In-Service Support for the RAF's Hawk TMk2 sets the support service bar higher than ever before. More than a simple maintenance job, our role is to help future fast jet pilots to conduct their flying training.

We are actually measured on the aircraft being able to perform all the tasks the pilot wants it to do during his or her training sortie. We call this ' Duty Carried Out ' (DCO). Our task is to achieve 95% DCO measured over a quarter. It means we really have a stake in making sure the aircraft are fit for purpose.

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

For more than 25 years, we have provided comprehensive support, logistics and maintenance solutions for the Royal Saudi Air Force (RSAF) fleet of Hawk T-65 and T-65A aircraft, including the Saudi Hawk acrobatic team.

Additionally, we have provided similar arrangements for Cessna, Pilatus and Cirrus products in service with the RSAF, as well as Typhoon and Tornado.

Furthermore, we provide specialist personnel, including instructor pilots, to the RSAF.

An Australian Hawk inspection
An Australian Hawk inspection


We provide a 25 year through-life support package and associated service provision contract for the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) fleet of Hawk Mk 127 Lead-In Fighter Trainers (LIFTs). As part of our commitment to deliver enhance capability at lower cost to the RAA, a significant cost reduction in supporting the LIFT fleet has been achieved.

BAE Systems Australia has recently been selected to deliver operational maintenance for the Royal Australian Air Force’s (RAAF’s) Hawk 127 Lead-In Fighter fleet.

From 1 July 2016, 116 new employees will deliver all maintenance support on the flight line to the Hawk fleet at RAAF Bases Williamtown and Pearce, directly supporting the training of Australia’s next generation of combat aircrew.

An RAF Hawk soaring over the UK
An RAF Hawk soaring over the UK


Working in partnership with the prime contractor Bombardier and the Royal Canadian Air Force, we provide support for the Hawk Mk115 fleet at the NATO Flying Training Centre.

This includes a BAE Systems Maintenance Policy underpinned by a BAE Systems supply chain contract, allowing for a flying rate of between 6-7,000 hours per year, which has allowed the customer to achieve 100,000 flying hours on the Mk115 fleet.

United States

Through long-term partnering agreements, we provide engineering, logistics and support equipment to the US Navy for their fleet of221 T-45 Goshawk aircraft, used by the US Navy and Marine Corps to train pilots and Weapons System Officers.

UK Supply Chain