Greenlawn Communications Antenna Systems Laboratory (CASL)

The CASL is an established leader in the industry, holding more than 100 patents for a broad range of antenna innovations.

Electronic Systems' antenna lab, operational since May 1992, is maintained as an industry-leading measurement facility. Two indoor anechoic chambers feature a fully equipped 46-foot-long, 30-foot-wide, and 26-foot-high compact range used for antenna pattern, gain, and RCS measurements from UHF through Ku Band. The second anechoic chamber is used for gain and pattern measurements.

In addition, the lab offers two 400-foot outdoor antenna pattern ranges, instrumented from 100 MHz to 60 GHz. The outdoor ranges have two rooftop three-axis positioners. A centrally-located rooftop crane can lift a 2000-pound load 84 feet to either positioner.

Either facility can be rented with technician support.

Supported technologies include:

  • Low-cost, phased-array aircraft antennas
  • Low-radar, cross-section communication, navigation, and identification antennas
  • Ground-reference global positioning system antennas
  • Multi-element and multi-mode global positioning system-controlled pattern antennas
  • HF and VHF military vehicle antennas
  • Reflector antennas for diverse applications
  • Facility rental for antenna testing
  • Computer modeling of antennas