Tempest and the
Future of Combat Air

Generation Tempest

Welcome to the Ideas Factory...

We are creating a bold vision for the future - a once-in-a-generation adventure to bring ground-breaking, game-changing technology to life.

Inside our Ideas Factory, we have extraordinary people working on ‘Tempest’ - one of the UK’s biggest and most critical science and technology projects.
Through Tempest, we are creating innovations like virtual cockpits, which use computer games technology to beam the controls pilots need to fly an aircraft directly through their helmet visor.
We have people working alongside robotics in our digitally-connected future factory, which will eventually see people propelled up and down production lines via exo-skeletons.
We are working alongside the best designers and inventors in the UK and world-wide, in areas like augmented and virtual reality, Artificial Intelligence, data analytics, cobotics, 3D printing and more.
Our mission? To create a world-leading, future air system which will operate at the cutting edge of what is possible; an advanced, connected futuristic capability which help protect our country and our allies across the globe for the next 60 years and beyond.

It sounds like the stuff of science fiction – but it is already happening.

To make it a success, we need the engineers, the manufacturers, the technologists, the scientists and the thinkers of tomorrow.
We need ‘Generation Tempest’ to bring new thinking and new ways of working to the project. We need people who want to operate alongside international organisations, working across time zones and cultures, as well as with the very best the UK’s technology sector has to offer.
We need people ready to work with us to bring the ideas of tomorrow to life.
See the links below for more information on careers with us for both experienced professionals, as well as details of graduate and apprentice opportunities.