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Enterprise Case Management

Enterprise Case Management
NetReveal® Enterprise Case Management empowers organisations to make risk based decisions faster and more accurately, enabling rapid identification and response to the highest priority fraud and compliance threats.
Financial crime investigators face increasing volume of alerts generated by a wide range of compliance and fraud systems.
Multiple systems can fail to address organised financial crime, as they do not present a complete picture to the investigator.

Powerful 360 view of customer lifecycle

We bring together a wide variety of investigation types and data sources from across your organisation to provide you with a powerful 360˚ view of the customer lifecycle across your products and channels.

Genuine organised attacks, which represent a major risk to the organisation, can be left in the alert queue while critical minutes are wasted investigating false positives. Similarly, compliance alerts can pile up over time, creating a new compliance issue, if the organisation doesn’t have visibility to a growing backlog.

NetReveal Enterprise Case Management

NetReveal Enterprise Case Management is our out-of-the box alert, case management and investigation solution which can be configured to manage multiple investigation types from a variety of sources, using one infrastructure.


Key features

Enabling financial institutions to make fast and appropriate risk based decisions, our solution provides:
  • Investigative tools such as embedded browsing and snapshots help shrink response times to a case and empower users to identify organised attacks
  • Key automation and operational features such as rule-based workflows, field-level data permissions and complex queuing to support real operational efficiencies
  • Fuzzy matching and link analysis which enable investigators to see hidden links across products and channels
  • Sophisticated command and control dashboard, which provides out-of the-box metric enabling users to respond to threats in real-time
  • Pre-defined investigation paths specific to a wide range of financial crime operations functions helping reduce deployment time and providing value from day one
  • A single framework to capture risk profiles across the entire customer lifecycle.