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NetReveal® Enterprise Case Management

Enterprise Case Management
NetReveal Enterprise Case Management is an open and flexible platform that efficiently organises data (including third-party data), prioritises and centralises alerts and incidents to help manage investigations.
Growth in the volume of risk-related information flowing through businesses spanning multiple systems and teams often prevents users from addressing organised or complex fraud and financial crime cases. High-risk customers, counterparties, transactions and even employees evade adequate scrutiny. Investigators need a single, easy to manage, and readily accessible place for true facts.
Fusing and organising the relevant outputs from disparate systems into one location is not easy given the highly fragmented IT landscape and data silos.
Institutions benefit from a single view of data related to an entity across the customer lifecycle from point of on-boarding onwards. Risk executives need access to key risk indicators (KRI’s) that are updated immediately, so that they are made constantly aware of current risk profiles across the business.


Powerful 360 view of customer lifecycle

NetReveal Enterprise Case Management spans the entire financial crime, risk, fraud and compliance functions. It is an open and flexible case management platform that efficiently organises data inputs (including third-party data), prioritises and centralises alerts and incidents into one enterprise-wide investigation platform to help manage investigations.
Robotics Process Automation (RPA) is integral to pre-processing, enriching and routing alerts. As a consequence, investigators spend time on high-value analysis, rather than low value data gathering or repetitive tasks. The solution helps consolidate customer information from disparate systems during verification and provides dynamic risk assessment for greater resource allocation and faster on-boarding decisions.

NetReveal Enterprise Case Management provides:

  • Reduced time-to-detection – customer-centric intelligent alert prioritisation via connecting or rolling up linked information into single investigations, reducing manual overheads and increasing efficiency for analysts
  • Advanced automation – dynamic and flexible tailoring of workflows using RPA in response to changing business challenges. ‘Get Next’ functionality intuitively navigates a user through auto-prioritised queues with a single-click and avoids cherry-picking of cases. Related data is seamlessly associated to alerts    
  • Increased effectiveness and efficiency – powerful crossfilters aggregate risk indicators across source systems and present a holistic view to analysts. Transaction data is shown directly within a single user interface so that investigators can easily visualise a customer's flow of funds by channels, currencies, accounts and countries.  Improves efficiency as users can focus on analysis rather than data gathering
  • Better collaboration – consolidates related alerts, evidence and financial metrics. Entity-level alert roll-up capability improves investigator efficiency on average by 20-30%. Investigators are presented with a single combined alert related to a customer or entity in a single user interface. Closed cases are retained indefinitely or for as long as audit standards require 
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