Endpoint Monitoring with Host Agent

Endpoint Monitoring Endpoint: Managed Security Services
Endpoint is a key battleground for security. Convert Endpoints from potential weak spots to security strong points - part of our wider MSS portfolio.
Data is at the heart of modern businesses and the primary target for cyber-criminals. This data is located on or accessed from the endpoint, making it the key target in the majority of attacks.
Don’t treat it in isolation; Monitoring or detection at the endpoint alone is not the answer.
It’s a key and rich source of data, but the only way to accelerate detection and response to sophisticated threats is to understand the behaviour of all of individual components of an attack across your organisation. Employing siloed Endpoint solutions is not the answer.
Host Agent technology provides the means to apply a wide angle lens to detection and response. The Host Agent monitors laptops, desktops and servers for the presence of advanced threats and potential misuse. A lightweight yet comprehensive endpoint monitoring agent, it is able to monitor for changes in state including memory, process, network, registry and file system activity.
When combined with our real-time threat models as part of the Complete Security Monitoring (CSM) service, we are able to bring together minute possible indicators of threat correlated across your infrastructure. This delivers increased accuracy and speed in detecting threat and unrivalled access to detailed data to enable a swift and comprehensive response.

The Forrester Wave: Managed Security Services Providers, Q3 2018

BAE Systems was recognised in The Forrester Wave: Global Managed Security Services Providers (MSSP), Q3 2018, looking at the 14 providers that matter most and how they stack up.

Learn more about BAE Systems’ approach to organisation wide detection and response. How BAE Systems can deliver maximum context and correlation across diverse security data sets and deliver detection and response earlier in the kill chain - Download Endpoint Monitoring Fact Sheet.
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