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Eclipse RF™ Product
Leading provider of open-standards based hardware, software and application ready subsystems for commercial and defense markets.

High performance and dependability

Eclipse RF Products are dependable, high- performance, commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) products that support customers' needs for search and signal collection. As a merchant supplier for more than two decades, we have delivered a multitude of receivers to a variety of users for different applications. Eclipse RF commercial products adhere to open standards in hardware development to allow full compatibility with other vendor products and application software packages. Products are embedded into systems and subsystems, and can be grouped into three categories:

  • Receiver modules – Convert signals from antenna input into digitally encoded and processed formats
  • Ancillary modules – Support the receivers in systems. Examples are RF distributions, DF commutators, time/frequency references, and hardware chassis
  • Subsystem level hardware suites – Integrate receiver modules, hardware controllers and processors, time/frequency references, and chassis (including power supplies, subsystem level RF/control/data interfaces, and cooling)

Product features

Eclipse RF Products provide instrumentation-grade parametric measurements necessary for analysis of modern and legacy signal types. Key features include:

  • low phase noise
  • high spur-free dynamic range
  • fast tuning
  • very compact size, weight, and power (SWAP)
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Adaptive Sensors

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