DEWS leverages next-generation technology to provide advanced capabilities for today’s global aircraft

ALQ-239 Digital Electronic Warfare System (DEWS)

Digital Electronic Warfare Sy... DEWS detects, identifies, and defeats advanced threats. 
The BAE Systems Digital Electronic Warfare System (DEWS) integrates radar warning, jamming response, and advanced electronic countermeasures on the F-15.
BAE Systems’ proven, low-cost, low-risk ALQ-239 Digital Electronic Warfare System (DEWS) uses advanced technology to provide EW capabilities for new and legacy aircraft, with platform adaptability for future growth.

BAE Systems' Digital Electronic Warfare System (DEWS) was developed to quickly and accurately detect and counter emerging and future threats. Providing 360-degree coverage around the aircraft, DEWS provides some of the most advanced defense aviation capability in the industry.

The ALQ-239 Digital Electronic Warfare System (DEWS) is operational and provides:

  • Fully-integrated radar warning
  • Maximized 360 degree situational awareness
  • Advanced electronic countermeasures
  • Offensive targeting support
  • Geolocation
  • Self-protection to improve survivability and enhance mission capability

Fully digital and fully integrated

An all-digital system, DEWS stands alone in its ability to provide advanced electronic countermeasures, enabling deeper penetration against modern, integrated air defense systems. Designed to meet current and future threats, DEWS provides accurate and quick 360-degree aircraft protection and jamming across the frequency band, providing the aircrew with the latest situational awareness.

DEWS combines these advanced capabilities with significantly improved reliability, maintainability, sustainability, and operational availability in one integrated, digital system. DEWS integrates its receiver, digital radio-frequency memory jamming, and countermeasures dispenser with the aircraft central computer and radar. DEWS simultaneous jamming and receiving, allows it to operate in the battlefield of tomorrow.

Proven performance in electronic warfare

For over 60 years, BAE Systems has been a leader in advancing the development of electronic warfare systems. DEWS was developed from this expertise and stands alone in its ability to provide advanced electronic countermeasures, enabling deeper penetration against modern integrated air defense systems. DEWS performs more accurate measurements than current systems, allowing it to constantly scan the frequency band.

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