Data Science and Insight Services

Data Science and Insight Services
Securely discover and innovate with new data sources and next generation technology.
Explosions in the volumes of data are re-shaping the world around us. The problem is what to do with all this extra data? How do you identify which data is useful? And how do you keep up with customers’ expectations for quality of service, security and value whilst remaining profitable?
Embracing new streams of data and disruptive technologies can require significant investment and a change in culture. Data science is one of the hottest jobs in IT and recruiting the right people can be a challenge. And it’s not just data scientists who are required; driving actionable insight requires a diverse mix of different disciplines, including data architects, creative designers, business domain experts and security practitioners.
Whether you’re seeking insight to help acquire or retain customers, seeking to take cost out of your operational processes or looking to use analytics to enable a new business model, organisations need the right skills and an environment to experiment, innovate and combine diverse data with emerging technologies to identify areas of valuable, actionable insight.

Our Data Science and Insight Services:

Tick Icon ImageThe combination of our extensive intellectual property and experience, our ability to quickly understand new data sources and domains and our skilled data specialists quickly provides you with the environment and capacity for experimentation. This will allow you to affordably and securely discover and innovate with new data sources and next generation technology.
We use proven techniques, agile processes and an affordable approach to technologies by using the right blend of open source and commercial tools. Alongside this, our methodologies ensure exploration is directly aligned to business objectives.

Our Insight Services:

  • Quickly provide you a safe, affordable environment to experiment, obtain answers to complex, emerging business challenges and identify service design improvements
  • Enable you to discover the value in new data streams and combinations of datasets
  • Allow you to evaluate emerging technologies and tools and trial different business models, independent of your organisations budgetary, operational and infrastructure constraints
  • De-risk investment in major design programmes and offers opportunities for self-funding projects
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