Adaptiv - CV90 2
STRONG, AGILE, LETHAL - The CV90120 has been developed to meet a specific demand - firepower comparable to an MBT, in a lighter, more mobile vehicle.

The vehicle fires all standard NATO 120mm smooth bore ammunition from the battle-proven platform of the CV90. This delivers a level of mobility that provides the crew with the tactical and strategic edge.

It also provides forces with a cost-effective route to gaining battle-winning firepower.

The CV90120 integrates a modular Defensive Aid Suite, including laser, radar and missile approach warners. This provides outstanding survivability for highly fragmented, multi-spectral battlefields. A number of optional additional measures further increase survivability:

  • Multi-Spectral Aerosol (MSA)
  • Active countermeasure system
  • Top-attack radar, identifying intelligent, indirect munitions


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