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Communications Intelligence

Communications Intelligence
We are a global provider of specialist communications and intelligence technologies, offering a comprehensive product portfolio for intelligence acquisition, information analysis and network insight generation.
Our end-to-end solutions for national security, law enforcement agencies and our work with Communication Services Providers (CSPs) bring together products and service capabilities helping these clients to make the most of their data.
Enabling them to gain insight and intelligence from the vast amounts of data to better understand their customers and help derive better value or to pursue their core intelligence missions for the protection of national security and law enforcement.
We have expertise in data acquisition, protocol processing, database and storage, analysis and presentation of large volumes of complex data for lawful interception and communications intelligence. 
In today’s world, data analytics is of increasing importance when it comes to extracting the maximum amount of intelligence from available communication and other data sources to preserve mission critical activities and protect the vulnerable.

For communications service providers, we have a track record of providing data retention and lawful interception solutions to meet their regulatory obligations as well as solutions to support real-time analysis of customers’ needs and provision of  value added services such as encryption, filtering and secure information sharing or end-user protection and policy controls.
We take an industry leading stance on business ethics in accordance with the BAE Systems Code of Conduct. Our solutions recognise the need to balance the rights of the citizen with the need to enable governmental organisations that have the responsibility to prevent harm and investigate crime in strict accordance with applicable legislation.