Cased Telescoped Ammunition

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The new 40mm Cased Telescoped Ammunition – the first of its kind in the world – delivers up to four times the power of the 30mm round it replaces. It also includes a highly effective airburst round.
BAE Systems has produced over 100,000 thousand rounds of Cased Telescoped Ammunition since 2011 in its dedicated UK facility in Radway Green, Cheshire where it has established a strong engineering and production expertise.
The Cased Telescoped Ammunition demonstrates a complete step-change in power over previous-generation medium calibre weapons.  The system as a whole takes up less space, weighs less and is much simpler to maintain and operate.

The new rounds, made by BAE Systems for the British Army, contain both the projectile and propelling charge within a single case tube – very different to traditional rounds. This allows the round to deliver a greater effect from the same calibre ammunition.

Our suite of ammunition


Armour Piercing Fin Stabilised Discarding - Tracer

For armoured targets such as tanks
This armour-piercing round is able to penetrate more than 140mm of Rolled Homogeneous Armour (RHA) at 1,500m.  This sub-calibred dart can defeat all light armoured vehicles and infantry fighting vehicles, including those heavily protected with advanced add-on armour.
  • Velocity 1,500 m/s
  • Penetration 140mm*
    *Hardened steel (RHA) at 1,500m

Anti Aerial Airburst - Tracer

For drones, helicopters and light aircraft
With an increased operational range, very high accuracy and a payload of 200 tungsten pellets, the Anti Aerial Airburst round provides the Cased Telescoped Armament System with a highly effective capability reducing the number of rounds needed to make the target.

The Anti Aerial Airburst round is particularly effective against Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Unmanned Aircraft Systems, helicopters and low speed aircraft.
  • Velocity 900 m/s
  • Range 4,000m
  • Payload 200 tungsten pellets

General Purpose Round - Airburst - Tracer

For multiple light targets
The General Purpose Airburst round is a programmable High Explosive (HE) munition delivering an “Airburst” detonation on targets up to a maximum range of 2500m.

The unique projectile is optimized to fragment, resulting in a large area coverage on the ground or behind
protective barriers.  it also offers the ability to neutralize vehicle optical systems.
  • Velocity 1,000 m/s
  • Effective area >125m2

General Purpose Round - Point Detonating - Tracer

For hardened targets
The General Purpose Point Detonating round is a High Explosive munition capable of penetrating more than 210 mm of double reinforced concrete. The unique projectile is optimised for fragmentation.
The munition delivers effective suppression of threats in urban structures and lightly armoured vehicles.
  • Velocity 1,000 m/s
  • Penetration 210mm*
    *Concrete at 1,500m

Cased Telescoped Armament System

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