Autonomic Tactical Wireless Defense

Computer network defense

The same tactical wireless networks that give U.S. fighting forces their edge are now vulnerable to serious threat. Adversaries can use cyber attacks to disrupt network operations, potentially causing mission failure and loss of life. Worse, nation-state adversaries have the resources to produce zero-day attacks unforeseen by network designers and operators. Such attacks can disrupt vital communications for hours or days, and cannot be detected by known attack properties or signatures.

BAE Systems is the industry leader in developing proven cyber-defense systems that defend tactical wireless networks against zero -day attacks. Leveraging its deep expertise in autonomic defense and wireless networking, BAE Systems’ premiere cyber-defense system combines cutting-edge monitoring, decision, and response technologies to automatically detect and contain any attack, known or unknown, and preserve critical mission capabilities.

The system operates within the harsh bandwidth, processor, and memory limitations of a tactical wireless network, handling both network partitions and heavy packet loss. The system has excelled in formal testing under several government programs; after overcoming stiff industry competition, the system is recognized as the only zero -day cyber defense system suitable for near-term deployment. Integration and deployment work is now underway.

In addition to defending tactical wireless networks, BAE Systems is conducting advanced research to improve the overall operation and management of tactical wireless networks. For example, the company’s Social Network Routing effort is developing routing protocols that can scale to tens of thousands of participating wireless nodes.