Armament Interface Unit

Armament Interface Unit
The armament interface unit provides the functions to release, arm, control, operate, or jettison various weapons carried by fixed- and rotary-winged aircraft.

The AIU interfaces with the aircraft mission computer via the serial communication.

The AIU handles all the safety critical requirements of the armament. It can be adapted as a station interface unit or a wing interface unit, dependent on aircraft configuration.


  • Weapon operation
  • Emergency jettison
  • Modular configuration


Bomb release command
  • For single or multiple carriage
  • Nose or tail
Rocket fire command
  • Provision for quantity and interval selection
Gun and cannon operation
  • Gun fire command
  • Preloading of number of rounds for each gun
  • Burst-limit setting
  • Automatic and manual recocking
Air-to-air missile operation
  • Missile launch command
  • Control of power, cool, and uncage signals
  • Head position and audio routing
  • Provision for head slaving


  • No single failure can cause inadvertent firing, release, or jettison of weapon or stores.
  • Interface with both weight-on-wheels and wheels-up switches.
  • Weapon release or fire requires three independent actions.
  • Emergency jettison circuitry is independent of all other components and is implemented in hardware.


  • A single AIU interfaces with up to six weapon stations.
  • Each wing interface unit interfaces with up to three weapon stations on a wing/stub wing.
  • Each station interface unit interfaces with a single weapon station.

Armament control systems

BAE Systems Rokar offers cost-effective solutions for stores management systems for helicopter upgrade programs, light attack aircraft, and first training aircraft.

BAE Systems Rokar offers different configurations (one central AIU, separate AIUs for each of the vehicle sides or a dedicated AIU for each station), and systems with control display units and multifunction displays.