Armament Control System (ACS)

Armament Control System (ACS)
The Armament Control System (ACS) provides for the operation, control, release, fire, and jettison of various weapons and stores carried by fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft, working with the aircraft’s avionics and other systems.


  • Low cost
  • Low weight

System Functions

  • Weapon delivery
  • Emergency jettison
  • Weapon select
  • Air-to-air missile control
  • Gun control
  • Built-in test

The management system has two main subsystems: the armament interface unit (AIU) and the weapon control panel. A third unit, the aft weapon display panel, is available for training purposes.

Armament Control Systems

BAE Systems Rokar offers cost-effective solutions for stores management systems for helicopter upgrade programs, light attack aircraft, and first training aircraft.

BAE Systems Rokar offers different configurations (one central AIU, separate AIUs for each of the vehicle sides, or a dedicated AIU for each station), and systems with control display units and multifunction displays.