Adaptive Sensors

Airborne SIGINT and Electronic Support

Airborne SIGINT and Electronic Support image
Easy to integrate onto UAVs, manned aircraft, surface vessels and ground vehicles, the S-3000 family of SIGINT and IO systems are open, software-defined, and equipped with advanced receive-and-transmit capabilities.
BAE Systems’ airborne SIGINT systems detect, identify, locate, and track communication and noncommunication emitters to provide full-spectrum awareness and actionable intelligence to national and tactical users.
  • Our liquid-cooled sensor configurations enable high altitude operation in extreme environmental conditions
  • Our rack-mounded sensor configurations enable efficient operation with on-board sensor operators and rapid platform reconfiguration
  • Our modular podded sensor configurations mount under the aircraft wing for even further mission flexibility
  • Our software-defined architecture provides the versatility needed to support an array of mission profiles and integration with existing and future intelligence and electronic warfare assets
To date, we integrate with and operate on a wide range of tactical medium-altitude and strategic high-altitude airborne platforms. Our systems incorporate advanced signal exploitation techniques to operate against the most advanced communication and non-communication threats.

Compatible platforms


Medium altitude


High altitude

Liberty DHC-6, 7, and 8
EC-37B (G550)
Twin Otter
Air Tractor
P-8 Poseidon
E-7 Wedgetail
U-2 Dragon Lady
RQ-4 Global Hawk (Eclipse receivers)


Key features:

  • Deep look SIGINT enables operation in contested and denied environments
  • RF machine learning enable operation against unknown agile threats
  • Real time in-flight reconfiguration ensures instant response as mission needs evolve
  • Rapid insertion of third-party applications offers flexibility to tailor system performance to mission needs
  • Supports on-board and remote operator interface and control
  • Open Mission Systems (OMS) compatible

Adaptive Sensors

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