Advanced Digital Dispensing System (ADDS)

Advanced Digital Dispensing System (ADDS) is a computer-controlled, threat-adaptive, countermeasures dispensing system that protects aircraft from ground and air threats by dispensing decoy payloads.

ADDS can control and dispense chaff, flare, radio-frequency, and future types of expendable payloads based on programs that adapt to specific threat and engagement parameters. The dispensing programs can be programmed by the user.

Its unique design allows ADDS to fire dual-chaff cartridges that double the number of on-board chaff stores per mission. In addition, ADDS can dispense multiple payloads simultaneously to provide a multi-spectral response or a stronger decoy signal when needed.

ADDS operates in automatic, semi-automatic, or manual modes, and is carefully optimized for weight, reliability, and maintainability.

ADDS incorporates improvements derived from combat experience and hundreds of installations in a variety of fixed-wing aircraft, including the F-16, F-15, F-4, and A-4, and rotary-wing aircraft, including the CH-53 and AH-64.

Countermeasures Dispensing Systems

BAE Systems Rokar aircraft self-defense chaff and flare dispensing systems are designed for combat aircraft, including the F-15, F-16, F-4, F-5, Mirage, A-37, A-7, AMX, Harrier, and Mig-21; helicopters, including the AH-64, CH-53, UH-60, Bell212/412, AH-1, Super Puma, Mi-17, and Mi-24/35; and transport aircraft, including the C-130 and Boeing 707.

Rokar's countermeasures systems are integrated with missile warning systems and radar warning receivers. The offerings include systems with up to 24 dispensers and unparalleled capabilities.